UBS Wealthway is a wealth management product app for high net worth individuals.



Product, Brand


GCD, CD, Snr Manager,
Product Managers, UX/ UI Designers
Research (Doblin), Development

3 Separate Workstreams: 3 Product Owners

Work produced at Deloitte Digital. Design Lead (Managed remote 
Junior visual designers - Mumbai)


UX and design audit
Competative analysis
User testing
Information architecture
Visual Design
Design System






Redesigning the UBS Online Services Platform

To redesign their online services and create an iPad experience, to engage high net worth clients in an elevated conversation about their wealth, and provide confidence in helping them plan for their financial needs.

A truly user-centered experience for existing clients—through discovery, planning, and advice—that enables them to thrive and drives organic growth for UBS.



Building upon a Design System

Due to the nature of the project, a new design system was created based upon and modified from the original UBS style guide. Alignment meetings with Switzerland head office become an integral part of the process to get new or modified components approved and over the line.


Feature set and site map

Working closely with UX to create a site map. This allow the client forsight into the features of the MVP. Through the workshop and audit of the old experiences, the team was able to hone in on the particular areas of the MVP that was most feasible for tech and for the clients launch date. This included

Contact advisor



Initial design iterations and explorations

Using charts and bar graphs, the initial designs focused on graphical representations of the client's wealth. Whilst working collaboratively with the product owners this evolved into something totally different. The UX became conversational with relevant information being surfaced to its users in a contextual manner. Prompting users to engage with its features. It became more personalized and educational for the user.


What is total wealth?

The digital experience evolved from a transactional app to a compelling and engaging digital conversation. A cube was created to embody the idea that client held different aspects of wealth, each side represented the following:

Mindsets and interests: Questions on their perspectives (How clients view wealth and their interests)
Relationships: Important people in your life
Milestones: Life timeline
Planning and advice: How UBS helps clients reach their goals
Cashflow: Client’s income and spending
Net Worth: Client’s assets and liabilities

The features enabled clients to share different aspects of their financial life with UBS and the advisors, while using engaging and intuitive tools to define their goals in the short-term and long-term.


Dashboard - Action cards & insights

Action and relevant insight cards surface to the user, for example, if a user had not yet added a milestone. These action cards prompt the user to think about their wealth, and relevant statistics are also surfaced to the client. There is also a financial snapshot on the left rail.


Set a milestone

This feature allows users to set up goals in the future.


Milestones timeline

This feature allows users to see all their planned goals from the past and future.


Mindset and Interests – Perspective questions

This feature allows users to answer questions from UBS about their perspectives on their finances and interests.

Answering the questionaire helps provides the user with contextual content that becomes surfaced but more importantly how the financial advisor can help them.


Understanding your account balances

Clients are able to view all their assets and liabilities. They are able to pay bills and transfer funds.


Educational cube

This feature allows users to explore the different parts of their wealth. It educates and poses actions for them to complete.

Testing and Insights

Through user testing the dashboard experience resonated with UBS clients on four key themes:

Financial snapshot: Seeing the numbers behind their wealth
Holistic wealth view: Thinking about wealth in a human way
Relevant content: Getting personalized, actionable insights
Integration with FAs: Enhancing highly-valued FA relationships

Metrics of success

An In-person usability study of the iPad app using a representative sample of:

high net worth individuals was conducted

indicated that the app appeared easy and intuitive to use

indicated that they would download 
the app

■ Story point capacity (completing more story points) has steadily trended upward over 16 two-week sprints.
■ Built organizational confidence both in the product and the process.
■ Praised as a role model for future digital experience development.


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